Thomas "Tommy" Glässer
​​​​​​​visual computing & communication
Hi, I'm Tommy – I've over 12 years of experience in professional motion design, CGI & postproduction for feature films, TV, and B2B clients.
In 2018, I started my freelance journey. In parallel, I decided to pursue a master's degree in computer science 6 years after my bachelor's degree in multimedia & communication.
This was a lot of work, but I successfully completed it in 2020.
During this time I discovered my love for math, proceduralism, and above all SideFX's Houdini. Therefore my toolbelt includes now not only state-of-the-art editing, compositing, animation, and rendering but also a deep understanding of the underlying technologies (see below for details).
Nowadays, I would probably call myself a technical artist, but who needs job titles 🙂
Anyway, when I'm not super nerdy about CG, you probably find me playing bass or swinging kettlebells, and lifting heavy stuff.
M. Sc. Computer Science
GRD (german) 1,5

B. A. Multimedia and Communication
GRD (german) 1,4

Software Skills
3D | Animation | VFX
After Effects, Cinema 4D,
Redshift, Houdini

Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve,
Avid Media Composer, Audition
Technology Skills
After Effects Expressions, VEX,
 Javascript, Python, OOP

3D Math, Proceduralism,
Physics Simulation, C/C++

Deep Learning, PyTorch, OpenCV,
Cloud Computing
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